My Sony Xperia J: Maximize the Capacities and Fixing the Problems

Hey Guys, have you tried to buy a new Smartphone of Sony Xperia? If not yet, don’t buy… just kidding! Yeah I got one and it is my first time, basically through its appealing design I was convinced to buy one of them. But it is awful when I didn’t read the user review before buying this latest Sony Xperia J. And I had encountered lot of problems using this phone after one month usage. So I came up with this sort of adaptation, wherein I tried to expand its capacities and I looked for any applicable solutions. xperia-j-black-android-smartphone-620x440 Photo Source: So here’s the summary of some of the Tech Blogger comment/review on Sony Xperia J:



  • Appealing design
  • Sluggish performance
  • Decent screen
  • Poor camera
  •  Decent price
  • Not much internal storage

From here I would like to discuss my solutions and eliminate the feeling of guilt. When you already bought this unit and experience the problem, please try to read it. We will tackle the problem one by one and from there I would give my solutions afterwards.

  1. Sluggish Performance

PROBLEM: it does not quickly respond when you try to slide it or type on the keypad, it is frustrating. One thing you can do is to turn it off and then power on again, but for few minutes it will same happen again. SOLUTION: Follow the steps to help you from slow response of your phone touch screen.

  • Download the file from using your PC
  • Unzip or extract the file TouchFWToolsAP_Sony-Ericsson-JDM-Platform-Signing-Live-54f9-3.apk
  • Copy it to your SD card then put check to the Unknown sources (go to Settings>Security> Unknown Sources then mark by check) after installing the files please unmark Unknown sources box again.
  • Install this on your mobile.
  • Put your mobile in a plain surface and click the button “calibrate”

Application function: This is a so-called “calibrator”, but it makes no calibration at all, it just patches the phone. For those that are not familiar with this million-users defect, this patch / fix will work for sony xperia phones with the laggy touch screen. (Excerpt from-

  1. Poor Camera

PROBLEM: It has only 5.0 megapixels. SOLUTION: Maximize the photo enhancement feature of the phone; just download an application from Google Play that suits to your need. I will recommend Pics-art application for its nice editing features. RECOMMENDATIONS:

  • Install Antivirus like AVG to avoid glitches and to secure when downloading applications to your phone which might also optimizes phone operation.

USB Reverse Tethering With the use of USB Reverse tethering you can surf on your mobile (using the internet connection on your PC) through the USB tunnel.apk (Available in Google Play Store). While USB tethering uses the smartphone’s internet connection for your desktop, reverse tethering does the complete opposite. It will give a very high internet speed compared to the 2G connection and will also save valuable data of your 2G plan. Downloading and updating apps from the Play Store is also possible. For this you just have to enable your mobile data. If you disable the mobile data reverse tethering will work but you won’t be able to use the Play Store. Here is the tutorial for USB reverse tethering (Definitions & Procedure from Requirements: 1. A rooted android phone. 2. USB tunnel app. 3. Desktop files needed for reverse tether. Steps:

  1. Download the USB tunnel apk.
  2. Place the apk on your sdcard and install it using any file manager.
  3. Download the files for your desktop.
  4. Now connect your Android to your desktop via USB cable. Do not turn on USB storage.
  5. Now extract the file downloaded in Step 3.


  1. Open the folder. Open android tool application. Now click on Connect.


  1. Enjoy.

For the requirements:

  1. A rooted android phone

Just download the unlock root software in and install to your PC and follow the instructions carefully. For the instruction download here Note: Please be responsible enough to root your phone for any technical problems that might occur. If in case there will be problem after rooting don’t worry just back up your applications, phone book and files. Then Reset factory.

  1. USB Tunnel app can be downloaded in Google Store.

For the rooted phone you also need to download SuperSU.Apk in Google Play Store for advance management.

  1. Desktop application

Download the folder file here then click and install Android tool.


90 thoughts on “My Sony Xperia J: Maximize the Capacities and Fixing the Problems

  1. Andrew says:

    Chito, thanks for this run down. Does the patch really improve touchscreen response?

    • chitoexpress says:

      Dear Andrew,
      I think it really works for my xperia j. After downloading it and install, I use it to calibrate then after few days application logo will disappear. But the patch still installed so no problem. I already update my software to Jelly Bean 4.1.2 but the patch still works. You should try it!

      Best Regards,

      • Andrew says:


        Thanks for your prompt reply. Is the J better with Jellybean than Icecream?

      • chitoexpress says:


        I think xperia j is also okay with jelly bean. It has new format for its setting but it does not really change a lot. I like its baterry setting because it has option that optimizes the battery life. My only problem is how to root it? Unlockroot free doesn’t work for jelly bean. So now i’m trying to find out how. Anyways, Hope i was able to help you. Good day!


  2. Sam says:

    Thanks Chito!!

    Actually I purchased a week ago and was working fine till yesterday. However the moment when I restarted the phone today, there is a huge delay/lag in typing (it does not respond to the key press and taking too much time to show up the text) and also lag while unlocking the screen (almost I need to try for 4 to 5 times to unlock the screen). Basically it has become too slow..

    Since you are talking mainly on unlock Slide issue..whether this patch will correct the typing lag also??

    • chitoexpress says:

      Dear sam,

      Absolutely worked for me! Just install it but first mark the UNKNOWN SOURCES option in ur setting. Then calibrate ur phone just follow the direction cited. Please give me feedback after doing it. Thank you very much.


      • Fadila says:

        my sony J refuse to on again after updating it. what should i do

      • chitoexpress says:

        Hi! After updating it, the phone will be automatically turning off. All you need to do is to remove the battery then put it back again then switch on. Hope it will work for you:)

  3. Sam says:

    Thanks Chito..
    it works!! Hope this problem wont turn back 🙂

  4. JR says:

    Hi Chito,

    I tried installing the app but when I run it it gives an error saying that the app has stopped working. My phone is in Jelly Bean already. Just bought my phone a month ago. My phone right now is completely useless. 😦

    Here’s additional info:
    Model Number: ST26i
    Android Version: 4.1.2
    Kernel Version: 3.4.0
    Build Number: 11.2.A.0.21
    Debugging Mode: Enabled
    Unknown Sources: Enabled/Checked

    Thanks for any help. 🙂

  5. JR says:

    Here’s the exact error shown: “unfortunately, com.fihspec.ToucgFWTools has stopped.” I guess it is not compatible with the latest sony xperia J firmware? Sorry for double posting.

    • chitoexpress says:

      Dear JR,

      Sorry to hear that, yeah I actually installed first the calibration tool before updating it with Jelly Bean. Have you tried to reset to its Factory setting? If yes you could try it again to re-install the calibration tool from my link follow all the direction cited. (If it doesn’t work you should ask assistance in any SONY service provider because your warranty still valid.) My Idea is that the phone does not updated correctly. So Please give me feedback after resetting your phone (BACK UP ALL YOUR FILES) and installing the APK from my link. Thanks.


  6. Amiya Ranjan Rout says:

    After I upgraded my xperia j to version 4.1.1(jellly bean), its earphones are not working and when I restarted its ear phone worked but head phone is not working. I contacted xperia care & they told me to reset my phone or repair the software. I reset the phone but its of no use. No error has been rectified and I am not finding the repair option. Plz help me & suggest me what to do

    • chitoexpress says:

      Dear amiya,

      Can you please test earphone first with this- dial your phone *#*#7378423#*#* then press Service test then EARPHONE. This is to check if there is a problem with your earphone hardware.


  7. Varun Venkat says:

    Dear Chito,

    Will the calibrate.apk will work for the Andriod Build version number 11.0.A.75 (ICS)?? I just bought this phone a week ago and having the slide unlock phone issue and sometimes i can’t even receive the calls.

    • chitoexpress says:


      Well yeah, it is best suited if you will use the patch (calirator) with your ICS Xperia j. I used it too before updating it into Jelly Bean (new android software available). Thanks and Good Luck.


      • Varun Venkat says:

        I have copied the APK file in my SD card but not able to locate the file in my phone. Please let me know where I can find the APK file in my phone so that i can install it.

      • chitoexpress says:


        You can locate the calibrate.apk using any of these two software Astro & File Commander. In file commander u can type in the sofware just press find. Good luck.


      • Varun Venkat says:

        I successfully installed the calibrator.apk and it worked fine. But still sometime the slide unlock issue is not responding. The issue is not that frequent, earlier it was like 4-5 times a day but after calibration its happening only once a day. Please assist.

  8. JR says:

    Hi Chito,

    Can’t reply to your post, no reply button.

    Anyways, I tried your suggestion but it was unsuccessful. This message showed on the terminal “adbd cannot run as root in production builds”. By the way, what is ICS?


    • JR says:

      Okay, I somehow managed to downgrade to 11.0.A.3.28 (ICS) and got the calibrator.apk working. Seems fine. It’s just like the first time I laid my hands on this phone. Though I am still observing it, cause I have read that other Xperia J users returned to a laggy screen after a while. I am now updating it to 11.0.A.7.5 and I will stay there for a while before I will move on to JB.

      So for those who encountered same problem as me, and want to downgrade their firmwares, follow this tutorial:

      Software to Download:
      1. Flash Tool –
      2. Firmwares – (Under Extras)

      1.) If you are already in Jelly Bean (JB), the Calibrator.apk won’t probably work. In this case you have to downgrade it to Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) (11.0.A.3.28) or to 11.0.A.7.5 (I haven’t tried downgrading to this one, though I think it will just be the same process and success rate). Don’t worry of bricking your phone since it will work 100% for as long as you follow the instructions given in the tutorial link above.

      2.) After the downgrade, install the calibrator.apk found in this blog, you can use a file manager such as Astro or you can install it directly from your PC using Wondershare MobileGo software (this is the one I used), make sure that USB Debugging Mode is enabled (Settings->Developer Options->USB Debugging Mode). After installing the app, open it (in your phone), and click the Calibrator button. Wait for it to finish (it will take just about 10sec).

      3.) Voila! Feel the difference! 🙂

      4.) Optional. You can upgrade your firmware to later versions. In case of Chito, the author of this blog, he upgraded to Jelly Bean without the screen problem anymore. I’ll go back to you guys what will I found out after a month, if the touch screen issue returned.

      Thanks to you all especially Chito/Raymond. 😉

      • chitoexpress says:

        You’re Welcome JR!

        So to all Sony Xperia J users just take a time to read my blog and give me your comments or questions, I will also take my time to answer them. Don’t forget to Like this page. Thank you very much. CHEERS! 🙂

        Raymond “Chito” Cabanilla

      • JR says:

        I’m here as promised. One month already passed and no touch screen issue anymore. I am upgrading now to Jelly Bean. I will give you any performance feedback again after a month. 🙂

      • Vikram says:

        In the tutorial , exact procedure is not given. I own xperia j with JB. I want to downgrade to ics. Please help me

  9. Varun Venkat says:

    I successfully installed the calibrator.apk and it worked fine. But still sometime the slide unlock issue is not responding. The issue is not that frequent, earlier it was like 4-5 times a day but after calibration its happening only once a day. Please assist.

  10. Nitin says:

    Hey there… I got this phone (XperiaJ) 2 days back and from 2nd day onwards got this touch issue… So without taking any chance i installed and calibrated using this app… I think the problem is solved for now… 🙂 🙂

    One question: when i got this issue for the first time, i tried to switch off my phone, but was unable to switch off (as it required the touch input and my touchscreen was unresponsive). Even long pressing power/unlock button didn’t work..
    Is “battery removing” the only way to switch off the phone ?? when its touch screen is unresponsive ?? Please help…

    Waiting for your reply…
    Your Friend,

  11. Anup says:

    hi i got xperia j….my problem is that when i play songs in walkman,the song automatically changes to next track after about 2 minutes……..plz help

  12. mya says:

    thank you so much with the calibrate tool…i bought my phone one month ago and became so slow….i am so happy now ..i tried that and works as charm..thank you a lot.

  13. rayz says:

    chito, how should i run this apk file ? do i have tu run it daily or whenever it lags ?

  14. Kekso says:

    Okey,so should i install this first and then upgrade to Jelly Bean? Or if i upgrade to Jelly Bean it will not work at all?

    • Kekso says:

      And btw is Jelly Bean for this phone good? Thanks 🙂

    • chitoexpress says:


      I think it also works with jelly bean.
      When my phone was restored due to hardware malfunction. I’m already updated with jelly bean so i tried to install the patch but there’s no problem encountered and perfectly fine. You should try it too with your jelly bean xperia j.
      Hope this helps you.:)


      • Kekso says:

        Btw i still haven’t bought the phone,but i’m thinking of bying it next week,because for the money i have it’s kinda the best phone in my country.Should i buy it? Because i don’t have more money for another phone and this is the only good phone in this price range here.What do you say? Some people say it’s good,some say it’s not good.There’s alot people complaining about lag but i’m hoping that can be fixed.Small lag shouldn’t be a problem.I’m really hoping that you’ll give me an opinion on this phone.What are the pros and cons in your opinion? Thanks.Looking forward to your answer!

  15. Chris Gill says:

    The problem I am having with my Sony Xperia J is that it is overheating so much that IU have burnt myself on it a couple of times! The bit which gets scorching hot is the metal bit where the memory cards and sim cards go. I bought a new battery but same problem. Three days ago I replaced the phone itself for another Xperia J and that is still as hot! Even if I send one text message the thing can burn my fingers. What is going on? Have I done anything wrong or is this a common fault in this phone? The thing is at the shop they said they had not encountered this before but how come it has happened to me with two completely different phones and batteries? Please can you help? Thanks.

    Kind regards

    Chris Gill

  16. Chris Gill says:

    Just read a couple more accounts on internet of people having the same problem with the Xperia J. So it’s not just me. I think one suggestion was to run battery down completely until it’s totally dead and then charge battery/phone back up to ful capacity? Does this sound like a possible solution?


    Chris Gill

  17. Chris Gill says:

    Was wondering if phone is overheating because I have it on charge nearly all the time because the battery runs down so quickly? For example if I leave it overnight not on charge it is completely dead by morning. So I tend to leave it charging. Do you think this may have charged the battery so much over a period of months that it overheats the phone when I use it? Thanks. Look forward to hearing your ideas.

    Kind regards

    Chris Gill

    • chitoexpress says:

      Dear chris,

      Your phone problem is kinda new to me. This could be manufacturing malfunction or battery defect. It is advisable to replace it with another phone or battery. Btw, in charging my xperia j I don’t let the battery drained, someone from sony center advice me that if you see the battery low sign charge it immediately. And then remove the charger when it already reached the 100% charge.


      • Chris Gill says:

        Ok Chito. Thanks so much for your advice. It just seems really strange that I have had two different Xperia J’s and two different batteries now and both have become really hot after minimal use and the battery drains from completely full to completely empty within about three hours even when I have not even used the phone for a text message. Maybe I had a faulty battery to start with, then I got another off ebay. And the reason the second one was on ebay was because the seller had realised that one was faulty too?

        Kind regards


        PS Any idea how much for a brand new battery and where would I get one from? I am on a contract with orange.

  18. avnish says:

    hey chito….i have a problem of camera in my xperia j(JB 4.1.2)..if i zoom in and take pic the colour is mismatched even in full light without zoom in it is good…..what should i do??

  19. ElenaGilbert says:

    Hi i’m having problems with spotify (and some other apps) that are not able to connect to facebook. Before using the app for the first time, you have to connect to facebook, so it goes to the website but the page won’t load, it keeps blank no matter how many times I keep refreshing it. But I can log on perfectly on FB, it’s just de connection between the apps and facebook that’s not working. This is for all the apps that r trying to make a connection through Facebook. Is it bcz I turned my synch off or something like that?

  20. Hemangi says:

    Hi Chito would installing the calibration app void the warranty?

    • chitoexpress says:

      Hi hemangi,

      The good thing in using this calibrator.apk is that you just like trying to install an application from app store. Believe me it will not cause void in your warranty because i have tried already when my earphone didnt work the service center did not question anything about it and just replace the broken earphone. The calibrator.apk is the most amazing solution for xperia j sluggishness!
      Have a nice day.


      • Hemangi says:

        Thanks Chito I shall try installing it and see how it works. Meanwhile I switched the ‘Touch and Hold delay’ option under Accessibility to ‘short ‘and it seems to have solved the touch screen issue to minimal.

  21. graces3886 says:

    Hi. I am having a lot of issues with my xperia j (which was a gift from my kids on Jan.2013) since May 2013. I have that sliding issue every now and then; but it isn’t a major thing. I also have the same issue as Chris’. My phone gets really hot! But I usually charge my battery when it is at 20% or less (but not completely drained), so I was really wondering why it gets so hot. And battery life is short as well. Somebody told me it’s because I have so many apps running even when I’m not using. Is that true? I removed most of the game apps already and still battery consumption is fast.
    My main issue is storage. My phone only has 2gb internal storage and 775 mb phone memory (as opposed to what i saw on the sony page wherein xperia j has 4gb). I have a 32gb micro sd. but of course, most apps wont save on the external sdcard. So, I want to know how I could maximise my micro sd. My daughter bought it so I could have space for my favourite apps. I don’t have that sony adapter that sony recommends.Have you partitioned your micro sd? if so, how is it working for you?



    • chitoexpress says:

      Hello, i think your problem in battery is the same with chris. Yes its true when using apps and also if your connected with wifi or any data connection while charging phone will cause excessive heat from the back near camera lens. Just try not to use your phone while charging. And also about the maximizing the ext sd card, i think one of the disadvantage of xperia j is that it couldn’t save apps in sdcard and applicable only in phone memory and internal storage. I haven’t tried to partition sdcard though sorry i couldnt help you with that. Have a nice day!

  22. karan says:

    Thanx ..
    I’ll also face same touch problem..
    But now I use that celebration application.. Now again my phone working good.. Thanx chito

  23. Seema says:

    Hey there!
    I got my Xperia J in Nov 2012. I had problems with the touch screen but then I upgraded it to jelly bean and those problems vanished, Literally! Even if the touch problems persisted I used to restart the phone and then it touch used to work fine. But then there was another software update 11.2.A.0.31 and so I decided to go for it, but I stopped the upgrade mid-way and after that the touch screen of my phone started responding horribly! I decided to upgrade again, once it was done the screen showed no changes! I decided to settings reset my phone but it still has the same problem. What do I have to do to get its perfectly functioning touch screen back?

  24. Asif Khan says:

    Hi guys am using dz phone for last 5 months i got calibration issue nd i installed dz software it was good but now again am facing the same peroblem even after calibrating many times is any other solution is thr for issue plz inform me frndz…

  25. Thanks for sharing such a good thinking, paragraph is good, thats why i
    have read it completely

  26. Vivek says:

    This is one of the worst phones i have ever used..Such a piece of crap…screen never responds in time,playlists and videos gets hanged all the time..Camera takes too much of time to start as well as to save a picture..The processor is not capable of performing the functions as per the specifications..Notification lights do not function, very slow in responding to any of the commands. A China made phone can function superiorly than this one and moreover its cheap too…Investing in this SONY XPERIA J is just a waste…..

  27. bharath says:

    Dear chitotech,
    I have purchased this fucking piece of shit (sony xperia j) and facing the touchscreen issue from day1. Even I have tried calibrate.apk, because of which touch screen issue got minimized but still iam facing the issue.

    I have some other issues with the phone,
    When I try to listen to my walkman and browse on the internet, music player stops in middle and jumps to some random song or to the first song in walkman. I have written to sony they have asked me to clear cache of walkman. But the issue is not fixed.
    2)Another issue is if I transfer any songs via bluetooth and if any images are present in bluetooth folder album art of the song changes to images in folder. Tried updating album art Cannot update album art by downloading music info.
    3)When I play videos they stop suddenly with an error message cannot play video. These videos are supported and played earlier.
    4)i am not even updating the apps on my phone because the free ram is 80 mb even after stopping the background apps
    Hope u have solutions for these and sorry for annoying post.
    Awaiting for your reply
    Thanks and regards

    • bharath says:

      I cannot walk in with this phone to service center because, I have purchased it from online store and it is from abroad. They dont provide service for international phones.

  28. Vika says:

    Hi, when the phone shuts down because of the battery, it looses all the contacts. It happened to me twice. I tried to import contacts from the SIM card as well as from the memory but it says that there are no contacts to import. It’s the worst phone ever 😦

  29. ismisesharon says:

    Hey, the front facing camera on the Xperia J is very poor quality. Even when the room is lit the picture is dark. Unless you’re in a very brightly lit room the camera takes a blacked out photo. Other people with this phone are also having the same problem. Any way to solve this without having to be in a bright room while taking the photo? Thanks

  30. priyanshu says:

    Het my Xperia j has the restarting problem while on call and it got hot also so can u help me

    • chitoexpress says:

      Hi there, don’t use your phone while charging because it will heat up especially at the back of your phone. Shut down all the open apps through long press at the Home button and then swipe it out. In my experience, the phone heats up while using it for calling when the data connection is activated. So deactivate the data connection and/or wifi connection while calling. Try this, hope it will help you.


  31. Hemangi says:

    Hi this is a slightly unrelated question not entire related to Xperia per se How can one decrypt whatsapp chat history files from Xperia / onto the pc, if one has a backup. Thanks.

  32. Singe says:

    If you tried to install the apk you suggest would Sony or my mobile provider regard it as a rooted phone?

    • chitoexpress says:

      Nope,it would not be a problem. In my case I have tried it once when I rushed into a Sony service center and my phone got earphone issue. The center didn’t ask for the calibrate.apk and my phone got resolved without questioning the warranty. But for a rooted phone, I haven’t tried yet…hope it answers your concerns. Thanks:-)

  33. joel says:

    sometimes when I remove my earphones from the jack provided by xperia j,music starts on itself…please let me know what the problem could be as soon as possible:-(

  34. erll says:

    I stumbled upon this forum and I was so glad that I was not the only one having this laggy touchscreen problem. I am wondering does the Calibrator work on Jellybean 4.1.2?

    Greatest thanks !

  35. swai says:

    I have a problem with my Xperia j, it touches it self even if I don’t touch on the screen

  36. Paul says:

    Im just wondering if you can help me about my xperia j?
    After rooting it all of my photos & music on sd card got deleted, and try to take pic. and save it but after a while my album shows “There is no item on your collection” (EMPTY)

    Anyone encountered it??:(
    Pls help me with this kind of issues?

    God bless:)

  37. yan says:

    Hi, how to solve the problem with my phone camera because every time I take a photo, the picture so blurry

  38. jitender says:

    Hello friend
    I have xperia j but its too slow any game could not running yet always hang and closed with error please tell me to fix this problem

  39. Scuda Fisher says:

    I have a problem wt the sound production of this phone even with headphones..I’ll be happy if I can get an app that will fix this

    • chitoexpress says:

      Dear Scuda Fisher
      Can you please test your speaker with this- dial your phone *#*#7378423#*#* then press Service test then SPEAKER. This is to check if there is a problem with your speaker hardware. With regards to “earphone”, just pick the options after dialing the number. If the Service tests didn’t work to your phone, it might have problem to its hardware component. Hope it helps you.


      • Scuda Fisher says:

        The speaker hardware is perfect..jst dunno if I can improve it wt any app.I also need advice on an in-call voice Changer app not over WiFi .thanks

      • chitoexpress says:

        Hey Scuda, Sorry I have no idea with regards to call apps. Maybe you can search over google play. Keep in touch though. Thanks.


  40. samantha says:

    hey guys. can u help me? i have xperia j. and my screen became unresponsive. i didnt know wat to do. i try to remove my battery and sim card and its work. but then after 1 day it become unresponsive again and i try it again to remove my battery and sim and when i open it, the screen is unresponsive again. Hays. help me guys.

  41. Lolita says:

    its so easy and really works! thank you so much 🙂

  42. Hemangi says:

    SDcard and Ext_card

    Hi need to know the difference between the two. Some media is saved by default under former and some under latter .
    ~ Hemangi

  43. […] My Sony Xperia J: Maximize the Capacities … – Andrew, I think xperia j is also okay with jelly bean. It has new format for its setting but it does not really change a lot. I like its baterry setting because it …… […]

  44. Luciana says:

    magnificent issues altogether, you just won a new reader.
    What could you recommend about your post that you simply made some days ago?

    Any sure?

    • chitoexpress says:

      Hi luciana,

      Good day!
      I am planning to collect more good photos though my next blog is all about photography using my Sony Xperia J. Will update maybe some other time if I had completed the said photos. Moreover, you can see my sample photography using Sony Xperia J at . Thank you for your support!


  45. […] My Sony Xperia J: Maximize the Capacities and Fixing … – Andrew, I think xperia j is also okay with jelly bean. It has new format for its setting but it does not really change a lot. I like its baterry setting because it …… […]

  46. Abbie Cork says:

    Hi my xperia j has a black screen , nothing is visible on it, but the phone is on as I can here it wen I slide my finger to unlock screen. The charging light comes on as it should wen charging., and the lights for the 3 icons at the bottom of screen light up. Ive tried removing battery, and starting it bk up. And holding the power button and up volume button, ive charged it. But the screen remains black..can u help please. Abbie

  47. Sukanta says:

    when i am trying to open my phone it shows low battery signal and then shut down quickly. i also try with another battery but the problem is same. i also tried by connecting charger bt nothing is happenning. plz help me…..

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